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$1.45 Million EBITDA Well-Established Multi-Location Urology Group in the Western USA

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Primary Care, Pain Management, & Specialty Group Medical Practices

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Company Overview American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce a highly respected and leading medical group practice that specializes in delivering exceptional urological care to patients in a major metropolitan area in the southwest region of the United States. This well-established company, co-owned by three urologists who have equal shares, has been operating since 2009 and currently has three conveniently located clinics within a 20-minute drive from a major city. In a bid to expand their reach, the group has recently implemented a mobile infrastructure to cater to rural areas of the state. Interestingly, they receive payment at a rate 2.5 times higher than the standard Medicare rate for their services. Known for its excellent reputation, the group receives referrals from a wide range of primary care providers without any significant concentration, resulting in bookings being scheduled six weeks in advance. With a workforce of approximately 40 individuals, including mid-level providers, the group is actively recruiting and credentialing additional physicians to meet the increasing demand for their extensive range of routine and surgical urological services. Financial Overview The Urology Group Company has been experiencing steady growth and boasts a strong financial position. In 2023, the company generated $7,103,000.00 in revenues, with a net adjusted income EBITDA of $1,344,075.00. As they complete the hiring process for one additional urologist, the Company projects to achieve $7,800,000.00 in annual revenue and $1,450,000 in EBITDA. Staff Overview Looking ahead, the urology group’s owners are eager to expand their services further in order to establish regional dominance. They are actively seeking a strategic partner with experience, expertise, and financial resources to support their growth strategy. To achieve this goal, they are open to various deal structures, including selling a majority stake in the company while retaining partial ownership. Asking Price The asking price for this company is $13 million, with the potential for additional earnings based on performance.

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$1.45 Million EBITDA Well-Established Multi-Location Urology Group in the Western USA

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