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Acquire a Business

Exponentially Grow Your Business and Net Worth Through Acquisition

There is a saying that you become a millionaire by buying and owning real estate, but if you want to be a billionaire, you focus on acquiring companies. There is no faster way to create wealth than by buying existing operating companies, especially those that can add strategic value to your existing business. 


At PRIME exits and American Healthcare Capital, through our buy-side engagement, we help buyers find the right opportunity, whether it is their first commercial venture or they are looking as an add-on to an existing portfolio of companies. 


We begin the process by thoroughly understanding your investment criteria, long-term strategic plan, and the expected ROI. Equipped with this information, we work through our extensive network of healthcare companies and our knowledgeable team of M&A professionals across the U.S. and International markets we serve.


Contact us today for a confidential discussion of your investment criteria.

jack-eskenazi president of American Healthcare Capital

Jack Eskenazi


American HealthCare Capital

+1 (310) 625 7889

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Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA managing partner at PRIME exits

Dr. Allen Nazeri 

Managing Partner

PRIME exits

+1 (702) 506 3392

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