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Innovative Medical Device Patent Owners Seek Strategic Partnership and/or Patent Sale

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Medical Devices & Manufacturers

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Company Overview American HealthCare Capital is pleased to exclusively present an opportunity to partner or purchase the patents for one or more innovative medical devices which have wide ranging, practical uses in a variety of clinical and field settings. The inventor is a Board Certified internist and geriatrician who, along with an MIT electronics engineer and a software engineer, has several patented or patent pending devices ready for production and distribution. One of those inventions is the design and method of use for a first-of-its-kind adjustable laryngoscope and intubation blade system. There are currently no adjustable blades available in the market today, yet every person’s airway requires a different size blade depending on a multitude of factors. These Class 1 laryngoscope blades are fully adjustable (sizes 1 – 4) to allow for the intubation of patients from 6 months of age and up, therefore eliminating the unnecessary cost and inefficiency of stocking and/or carrying blades in multiple sizes. Whether in a hospital setting, in mobile emergency medical situations, or even on the battlefield, this fully adjustable laryngoscope and blade system will be a game changer for the end user. The blades can be manufactured from polycarbonate, plastic, or metal depending on whether the medical setting calls for a reusable or disposable product. The blades are also designed to be either curved (MacIntosh Blade) or straight (Miller Blade). It should be noted that the Miller Blade design is particularly applicable to intubations of animals, therefore opening up opportunities in the veterinarian marketplace. The laryngoscope handle is also innovative in its own right, as it is equipped to house not only a special light but also, if desired, a series of other devices such as a cautery for wounds, a scalpel, and a space for disinfectants. The handle can also be used as the base of an otoscope and ophthalmoscope. End users such as EMTs and paramedics in the military will appreciate this functionality as it eliminates the need to carry all of these necessary items separately. Asking Price/Partnership The owners are open to speaking with any interested parties who can assist them in unlocking the profitability of the adjustable laryngoscope and blade system. The company would consider selling the patent outright or partnering with a buyer who can assist with the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the blade system to the wide array of users. The team also has several other patented/patent-pending innovations which are discussed in the full CIM.

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Innovative Medical Device Patent Owners Seek Strategic Partnership and/or Patent Sale

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