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$50 Million Revenue Nationwide Specialty Pharmacy

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Company Overview

American HealthCare Capital is pleased to exclusively represent a nationwide specialty pharmacy for sale. Based on the east coast, this URAC and ACHC accredited pharmacy is licensed in all states except California. They focus on treating a wide range of conditions, including Rheumatology, Dermatology, Allergies, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, and much more.

Financial Overview

Over the past year, the East Coast pharmacy has dispensed an average of 1,400 scripts per month, and they are quickly growing. Gross revenues were $36.9 million in 2022 with an adjusted EBITDA of $767,229. In 2023, they expect to end the year at around $50 million in gross revenues with an adjusted EBITDA of $2.5 million. In 2024, the company is anticipating continued exponential growth. With monthly gross revenues currently trending towards $6 million and growing, plus a new limited distribution drug that should generate around $10 million in gross revenues, they expect to reach $80 – $100 million in 2024.

Staff Overview

The staff is expected to stay on under new ownership, and the current owners will assist during a transitional period.

Asking Price

The sellers of this nationwide specialty pharmacy will consider all competitive offers.

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$50 Million Revenue Nationwide Specialty Pharmacy

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