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$2 Million Revenue Franchisee of a Long-Established Home Care Franchise in the Midwest

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Company Overview American Healthcare Capital is pleased to exclusively represent a franchisee of a well-established national home care agency franchise for sale in the Midwest. This opportunity is open to all healthcare investors without the requirement of any state licenses to take over a turnkey operation and its assigned territories to grow and scale it even further in Home Healthcare, Personal Care Assistance, and Healthcare staffing. The Company has demonstrated steady growth in recent years, fueled by increasing local demand for home care and personal care services as the market created by baby boomers reaches maturity and enters its early stage. At the same time, the Company has yet to even begin marketing for its Medical Staffing division, which could see rapid expansion in coming years to support local hospitals, provider offices, and institutions. Currently, the Company’s entire marketing strategy for its other two divisions relies on limited channels like word-of-mouth, referral sites, case managers, and networking groups. Financial Overview The Company’s revenue is presently 100% private pay, with several of its 40 clients having long-term care insurance (the Company bills clients directly). Additionally, the two territories owned by the Company are known to have the highest per capita income in the area, establishing a solid foundation for business growth. The company has shown steady growth over the past few years, going from $1.42 million in gross revenue in 2022, to $1.638 million in 2023, to a projection of $2.1 million in 2024 with an adjusted EBITDA of $400,000 (22%). Asking Price The Company’s present proprietors have all made significant contributions to its growth and success, but they are now seeking new ventures and wish to find an investor who will acquire the Company in full. To ensure a seamless transfer of ownership, the Seller is willing to assist with the transition for an agreed-upon period. Furthermore, the current team is proficient in various roles, and a proper handover would likely enable the new owner to retain all the Company’s resources. The asking price for this opportunity is $2.4 million and does not include cash, accounts receivable, or inventory.

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$2 Million Revenue Franchisee of a Long-Established Home Care Franchise in the Midwest

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