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$9 Million Home Care and Staffing Agency in the Midwest

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Home Care & Home Health

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American Healthcare Capital is pleased to introduce a home care and staffing agency serving several Midwest states. This well-established company provides both skilled and non-skilled home care through private pay, Medicaid, and insurance. Additionally, they provide medical staffing services to healthcare facilities, including RNs, LPNs. CNAs and CMTs. The Midwest staffing agency\’s current business mix is approximately 52% home care and 48%staffing, with a growing percentage of revenue from staffing. Total revenues have consistently been in the $9 million range, with the exception of 2020 in which they saw a slight decline. Based on the first half of the year, 2021 gross revenues are trending back up to $9 million with an adjusted EBITDA above $1.1 million. In December 2020, the owners began removing themselves from the daily operations of the company by delegating oversight to an experienced management team. The owner is looking to retire but is open to assisting during a transitional period as needed. The asking price for this Midwest business for sale is $5.1 million.

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$9 Million Home Care and Staffing Agency in the Midwest

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