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$6 Million Revenue Multi Specialty Surgical Medical Practice in the Midwest US

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Company Overview American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce a highly successful, multi-discipline surgical practice for sale located in the Midwest. The practice’s dedicated surgeons and advanced providers see patients and perform surgery in their office and at various local Hospital Settings. Established in 1970, their mission is to create exceptional healthcare brands for a better and healthier future. They are contracted with a major health system to provide comprehensive surgical services and call coverage. The surgical business has 6 Surgical Doctors and 3 Nurse Practitioners who see patients, and they have a total of 30 employees. The 6 Surgical Doctors perform over 5,000 operations annually. Their specialties include the following: • Robotic Surgery • Vascular Surgery • Bariatric Surgery • GI medical services • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) • Adrenalectomy • Acid Reflux Surgery • Appendectomy • Atherectomy • Bariatric Surgery • Breast Surgery • Cholecystectomy • Colorectal Surgery • Dialysis Access • Endoscopies /EGD • Hernia Repairs • SILS Surgery • Varicose Veins Financial Overview The Midwest surgery company’s payer mix is 30% HMO, 30% Medicare, 35% Medicaid, and 5% self-pay and private insurance. Gross revenue has been consistent and growing over the last ten years. In 2023, they are on track to gross $6 million. Annually, the practice consistently generates 8% to 10% free cash for the partners. This successful company is seeking a strategic buyer who wishes to add a multi-discipline surgical practice to their portfolio and scale the business into new geographies. Staff Overview All key personnel are expected to stay on and continue to treat patients. Asking Price The asking price for this Midwest surgery/surgical business is $ 7 million.

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$6 Million Revenue Multi Specialty Surgical Medical Practice in the Midwest US

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