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Hearing Aid Manufacturing Opportunity-Very Motivated Seller or Best Offer

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Company Overview Effective most recently and by law, hearing aids no longer need a doctor’s prescription to purchase a hearing aid. It can now be bought over the counter anywhere without a prescription or a doctor’s pre-authorization.  Thus, there is an untapped multibillion dollar market of hearing aid users waiting to be marketed to who previously could not afford to purchase  a hearing aid. They  can now fill the void and will be able to afford to buy a hearing aid. American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce the fastest-growing over-the-counter hearing aid more technologically advanced manufacturing company that is based in the United States. They are manufacturing a superior hearing aid now at an affordable price to anyone in need of a hearing aid compared to other manufacturers of hearing aids that are selling for thousands of more dollars! Founded in 2018 by three partner-visionary-entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the traditional prescription hearing aid market with its high-quality hearing technology without the barriers of cost, time, or stigma. By taking advantage of the ease and accessibility of the mobile phone, they are now able to help everyone benefit from cutting-edge and stylish hearing solutions at a very affordable price, allowing a user to set up, customize and adjust their hearing from the comfort and privacy of home in just 3 minutes and eliminates the diagnosis of an audiologist doctor. Their great App blends artificial intelligence (AI), Bluetooth technology, and patented software to work with their FDA registered Hearing Aids. Hence, users can confidently rejoin the conversation and never miss another word. Financial Overview With a family of patents and patent applications, the Company is now an FDA-registered Class 2 medical device, selling directly to consumers and through 15+ retailers. The Company expects nationwide distribution through nationwide retailers and internet vendors. The Company projects a revenue of $300,000.00 for 2024. The company is looking to be sold in whole or part to a strategic or an equity buyer who can help implement and disseminate its brand into the global markets by capitalizing on the enormous upside potential waiting to be harvested in perpetuity to the aging population. Asking Price The Seller is very motivated to sell and will consider all offers.

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Hearing Aid Manufacturing Opportunity-Very Motivated Seller or Best Offer

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