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$4 Million Revenue Behavioral Health Practice based in the Mid-Atlantic Area

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Behavioral Health, Mental Health, & ABA Therapy

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Company Overview American HealthCare Capital is pleased to exclusively present a Behavioral Health Practice for sale in the Mid-Atlantic area. The practice provides therapy services, including but not limited to Advocacy for Children, In-Home Therapy, Outpatient Counseling, Behavioral Assistance, ABA Services and Classroom Support Training.  At present, the practice consists of 2 owners, approximately 113 therapists, a small administrative staff, and 2 office locations.  All the staff are W2 employees except for four 1099 independent contractors. The practice maintains an active patient population in excess of 185+ children, with an average patient volume of 41-42 appointment visits per day. The practice provides a team approach to “wrap-around” services that encompasses a partnership with children, families, providers, and community members.  The patient population ranges in age from approximately 2 years of age and older. Financial Overview The Practice payor mix is 90% percent Medicaid Managed Care and 10% private-pay/self-pay.  In 2023, the practice had $3,017,112 of gross revenue with a net operating income of approximately $658,000. Currently, the practice is positioned for significant growth with the recent introduction of 2 new programs, high and growing demand for Behavioral Health services, a constant waitlist for new patients, active recruitment of additional therapists, and recognition within the community, which a new owner could build upon.  Based on these factors, the practice has forecasted approximately $4 million in gross revenue in 2024 with a net operating income of $800,000. Staff Overview The current owners are very interested in remaining with the practice to continue providing Behavioral Health services to the patients.  Furthermore, the other approximately 113 therapists and administrative staff are expected to remain with the practice following the transition to a new owner. Asking Price The asking price for this opportunity is $8 million or best offer.

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$4 Million Revenue Behavioral Health Practice based in the Mid-Atlantic Area

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