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Baby Clinic PRIME exits.jpg
Baby Clinic PRIME exits.jpg


A medical group Pediatrician examining a small child

$4.5 million EBITDA, Highly Profitable and Scalable
Multi-Location Pediatric Medical Group in Florida
Listing Code: FLMED1L

PRIME exits & American Healthcare Capital is pleased to exclusively showcase a rapidly expanding, Multi-site Pediatric Medical Clinic in Florida. The Clinic was founded in 2007 and has become a premier provider of general pediatric well-being and mental healthcare.

The Clinic has 54 full-time staff members who assist a team of 12 medical professionals, including doctors and nurse practitioners. The payer mix is roughly 85% Medicaid and 15% Private Insurance with special legacy agreements that have provided the clinic with a privileged advantage for additional growth.


The Clinic has seen robust expansion and profitability over the years, as exhibited below. The accounting is done on a cash basis.







PRIME exits, and American Healthcare Capital has determined the business's current value to be $35 million. This valuation is based on the company's EBITDA of $4.5 million and the potential for additional earnings by acquiring other practices in 2024. The valuation is supported by the following factors:


1. The company's profit margins are higher than those of similar medical groups due to strong and skilled management.

2. The company has established a competitive advantage by serving a highly sought-after niche in the market, which can be easily expanded by adding more providers.

3. The risk associated with operating the business is very low, thanks to the company's solid management team, and they aim to continue expanding.

Financial Revenue and EBITDA in Healthcare M&A
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