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Ultrasound Technician PRIME exits

Fast Growing, Scalable, Profitable Mobile Ultrasound
Company Seeking Strategic Partner
for Further Expansion
Listing Code: XYIM1E

American Healthcare Capital is proud to exclusively represent a rapidly expanding and highly scalable Ultrasound Services and Staffing company for sale. This premier company specializes in offering mobile ultrasound diagnostic services to medical practices across the United States. By bringing cutting-edge ultrasound equipment directly to medical practice locations, they enhance the convenience and efficiency of diagnostic testing in various medical fields, such as neurology, internal medicine, and ophthalmology/optometry. With a team of skilled professionals, including qualified vascular technicians, the company ensures that each diagnostic test is conducted to the highest standards. This not only improves patient outcomes but also generates additional revenue for medical practices.

The company empowers medical practices to boost their profitability by increasing revenue from in-office tests and streamlining operations. This ultimately leads to improved patient care. What sets this company apart is that medical practices can immediately offer ultrasound services to their patients or expand their existing services without the need for any upfront investment in equipment or the hassle of managing the hiring process for ultrasound technicians.

The company began operations in January 2023 and became profitable in 2024, surpassing expectations. They currently serve 11 clients in 30 different locations and conduct approximately 700 tests per month. Throughout 2023, the company experienced consistent and exceptional monthly growth in acquiring new clients, with an impressive average rate of 27% MoM.


The profit margins of the company are highly attractive. Looking ahead, the goal is to achieve $1 million in EBITDA by the end of 2024, with revenues totaling $2.5 million. By 2025, they aim to exceed $3 million in EBITDA, with revenues reaching $5 million. These projections demonstrate their commitment to aggressive yet sustainable growth, highlighting their dedication to delivering value to stakeholders while maintaining financial prudence and transparency.


The founder and management team, who have played a significant role in the rapid growth of the company over the past two years, are extending an invitation for collaboration with a strategic and financial sponsor. This sponsor would assist the company in achieving steady and sustainable growth, ultimately becoming a partner for medical practices nationwide. The seller is open to various deal structures, including a majority control sale and a roll of equity, and is willing to work towards mutually agreeable sales, including a potential future earn-out.


American Healthcare Capital and PRIME exits valuation panel has valued the company at $8 million, considering its untapped growth potential, low operator risk, and recent sales of similar companies in late 2023. This valuation excludes cash, accounts receivable, and inventory, but it includes the potential for an earnout based on an adjusted net income of $1 million.

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