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Innovative Medical Technology for Eyecare Treatment of Dry Eye

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American Healthcare Capital is pleased to introduce an innovative medical technology developer, manufacturer, and distributor of a new eyecare product that relieves patients suffering from Dry Eye Disease. The Company’s current product is patented, FDA-Cleared, and combines the two technologies of a self-heating compress and a pre-moistened eyelid cleaning pad. The combination into one simple, easy-to-use disposable product transforms treatment for people who suffer from Dry Eye Disease or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The innovative eyecare product provides clinically proven levels of moist heat instantly and can be used anywhere. This patented technology provides fast relief, requiring application for only two minutes per eye. Unlike reusable products like traditional hot compresses and microwavable masks which require an external (often imprecise) heating source, the convenient disposable pads create repeat purchases for people who suffer from chronic Dry Eye caused by a glandular problem called MGD. Over 300 million people have been diagnosed with Dry Eye Disease/Syndrome, with millions more going undiagnosed but suffering from moderate to severe symptoms. For decades, science attributed the symptoms of dry eyes to a problem with the eyes\’ ability to produce enough tear fluids. Based on this foundation, the global optical/pharma industry responded to create products that today account for an estimated $4.5B in sales with a CAGR of 5.9% from 2023 to 2032. A NielsenIQ BASES test market study demonstrated strong doctor favorability and strong consumer purchase intent for this new innovative product. Consumers strongly indicated that this new technology provides a clear advantage over previous treatments. NielsenIQ classified this new technology and platform as an “emerging technology and category disruptor” for the current $4.5B dollar dry eye market. The innovative medical eyecare technology company launched its product last year in 2022 and successfully generated $506,000 in revenues. The Gross Profit margin is a healthy 50% and will increase with higher volumes. The Company is forecasting in 2025 to generate $17 million in revenues and an 18% EBITDA margin. The company successfully secured its first Over the Counter (OTC) shelf placement with a major US retailer in July 2023. This national drug retailer placed the dry eye disease treatment in 1,000 stores across the U.S. The Company forecast reflects 100% retail distribution in 2024 for this customer and an initial launch in another major drug chain. Beginning in 2025, the forecast has revenues in multiple retail channels, including Big Box retailers, Grocery, and Club stores, as well as national eye care providers through its top US optical distributors. The Company is looking for a strategic or financial partner to add value through its connections, financial strength, and resources to grow the Company to the next level. Therefore, the founders will consider a majority equity investment or buyout in support of the future growth potential for this innovative technology platform. The Price Is to Be Determined.

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Innovative Medical Technology for Eyecare Treatment of Dry Eye

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