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Fast Growing, Multi-State, Mobile, Onsite Dental Care Platform Serving Over 225 Senior Communities

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American HealthCare Capital is pleased to introduce a fast-growing, multi-state, mobile dental care platform for sale. The revenues are currently derived primarily from dentistry, but the management expects additional revenues from podiatry, optometry, and behavioral health. Elders residing in senior communities often do not receive the care they deserve despite having the financial means because they often depend on others or lack the mobility to travel to healthcare providers for routine healthcare appointments. The children of these elders, often referred to as the \”sandwich generation”, find it very difficult to balance their time taking care of their kids and grandkids with the time required to care for their parents. Therefore, they encourage their parents and are very supportive of them receiving in-home care from the company. In the last few years, the mobile dental services company has focused on dentistry as a single vertical to establish its brand. They invested in sales and marketing, contracted with over 225 senior communities, vetted and recruited dental providers, and invested in the latest dental technologies for a mobile setting. As the Company is gaining market share, it is now focusing on other verticals, such as Podiatry. The Company expects to become profitable by the end of 2023 as its initial investment pays off. At present, the mobile dental care company employs 15 part-time dentists, five assistants and contracts with a chief dental officer (1099) to oversee the clinical operation. The breakdown of dental services and revenue composition is as follows: 27.3% Preventative, 26.1% Diagnostics, 23.1% Restorative, 18.8% Prosthodontics, and 4.7% Other services. Approximately 93% of patients are private pay, and 7% have personal insurance. There are no Medicare and Medicaid patients. The Company has a 99.6% collection rate on its Accounts Receivables. The asking price for this mobile dental care/services company, including contracts, IP, and approximately $350,000 in equipment, is $1 million. Owner financing may be available with a significant down payment.

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Fast Growing, Multi-State, Mobile, Onsite Dental Care Platform Serving Over 225 Senior Communities

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