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$1.2 Million Revenue National Dental Telehealth Virtual Platform

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Company Overview American Healthcare Capital is pleased to introduce a national dental telehealth virtual platform for sale. The platform enables patients with urgent dental problems to electronically access a remote licensed clinician for consults in the United States at any hour of the day. It was established as the first platform connecting patients who seek immediate care with clinicians virtually. The Company does not engage in the practice of medicine or any clinical activities and has no control or opinion over the clinical decisions of its network providers. Rather, the Company helps its network of clinicians connect with patients through its proprietary electronic platform. Each patient requesting treatment prepays for the consult via the platform and is referred to the first available clinician near the patient\’s location. The clinician will virtually diagnose and, if necessary, prescribe a non-narcotic medication or an antibiotic to stabilize the patient until they can be seen for a follow-up at a clinic. Financial Overview The dental telehealth company has grown organically since 2014 through word of mouth and direct B2B Sales. It has a network of 250 licensed clinicians and is growing in all regions of the United States. The go-to-market strategy for the Company involves contracting with large membership organizations, employer-sponsored healthcare systems, colleges and universities, insurance companies, and senior living centers, as well as hospital emergency departments, urgent care clinics, and retail clinics, among other healthcare facilities. Under such contracts, the Company facilitates and manages virtual telehealth and on-site dental services performed by its network of providers. The Company has entered eleven agreements with such organizations as hereof and is expected to close a deal with a national pharmacy chain. The COVID pandemic accelerated the Company\’s growth, making it the most extensive network that is on its way to becoming a household brand name. Currently, the platform offers virtual services on a national level to an average of 1,200 patients per month. The number of virtual patient visits is expected to grow exponentially in the next 5 years. Part of this growth is a result of the Company reaching an inflection point of traction beyond the early adopters and because of its recent direct-to-consumer marketing activities. Additionally, increased digital influence, raised healthcare awareness, convenience, and affordability are significant factors that have had a tailwind effect on the company’s overall growth. The dental telehealth company has shown steady growth over the past few years. They are expected to finish 2022 with over $1.2 million in gross revenues. However, profits have been minimal, as all the generated revenue is used for further growth and marketing. Staff Overview The founders are looking to remain with the business. They are seeking a strategic financial investor to help them scale the Company to the next level as they continue to gain additional market share. There are five full-time employees and a growing network of 250 Independent Contractors who are expected to continue working with a new owner. Asking Price The sellers will consider all reasonable valuations and offers, including earnouts and various shareholder equity structures to help the dental telehealth company’s growth and sustain its market position.

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$1.2 Million Revenue National Dental Telehealth Virtual Platform

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